Friday, July 9, 2010

Showing Off

Who here doesn't love a before-and-after photo series?
It seems like voila, instant improvement.

But in this series, it really isn't fair, because my "before" pictures were taken not with the intention of doing a before-and-after series, but taken for my own planning purposes, hence they are really bad, making my "after" shots look soooo much better than the original.

I am really pleased with my kitchen face lift! It's now two years this month that we bought this house, and I've always hated the kitchen. It was ugly and dysfunctional.

I suffered long enough.

So, with a budget of $600 I bought five new cabinets, a butcher block top (lucky score at $99), four cans of paint, a thrift store shelving unit, and a ton of sandpaper.
(I sanded for almost two days continuously.)

Working with the concept of 'use what you've got', I reconfigured, reorganized, and refreshed my kitchen.

I am happy.

And sore.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hello Friends!
Can you believe I'm blogging!?
LaLa Pat has urged me to post this photo since she is curious about how my kitchen "facelift" looks. (Actually she's nagged me to death!)I will try and post some before and-after shots of the kitchen update this weekend.
I started collecting wall pockets 13 years ago after I found one at a thrift store for $1.99. Since then I've gotten them as gifts from Bill, Annie's Birthmother and Birthgrandmother, and friends that know I collect.
I've always pictured hanging them in a grouping like this!
Now that my kitchen is done, I can sit at the kitchen island and look out and enjoy.