Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Fever

Hello blog friends!

I can smell Spring in the air, and it's giving me new energy and vigor!
Yea(!), because I've been dragging a bit (a lot) since the remodel, trying to catch up and waiting out a few cough-colds things and the doldrums that followed.

Annie's beautiful singing voice and piano music has been filling the house these gray days, lifting our spirits, turning darkness into light, despite one rain storm after the next here in Northern California.

Little Harpo, below, is also showing some real vigor and tenacity. Just yesterday she scratched her way out of the house to chase the UPS man. She has a real thing for him. She chased him to his truck and then chased the truck five or six houses down on a very busy street, as onlookers pointed and gasped. You have to remember she is only about twelve inches tall!

As I write, the canaries we raise are all singing loudly, filling the whole downstairs with songs of Spring! It's all around me!

Hope you are feeling it too.