Sunday, December 26, 2010

Fun House Photos

I think today might be one of those great days that will live on in my mind as bright, effortless and fun!
I love hanging out with these two...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Catch a Shooting (Rising) Star

What a wonderful and whirlwind few weeks!
Starting with LaLa coming to visit, then a week filled with dress rehearsals, tech and a pre-holiday celebration with Grandma & Grandpa, a coupla fantastic shows of Jungle Book (with Annie as the unforgettable Kaa, Mother Wolf and a stand out part as a Prickly Pear!) and finishing up with a wonderful visit with Grandma Pinky Mae Rose!
So fun!

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Pat Hog

I know, it's no fun in the re-telling.
And yet, here I go again...
Pat and I had the BEST time
ever together the last three days.
I know I always say that.
It's always true!
And I don't think there is a way to translate exactly why it was go great without diminishing it.
So, I will just re-cap;

-We had a laugh attack at a hair salon, that quickly climbs to 2nd place in the history of all laugh attacks for us. (
First place still has to be Reno, where our laugh attack continued, on and off for almost three days, leaving us weak and painfully muscle sore. ) This newest laugh attack went on so long, and was so embarrassingly public, that the stylist at the salon brought us a box of tissues. As she handed the box to us, the look on her face was a mix of pity and fear.

-A dynamite haircut for Pat, despite the above.

-A trip to Mastick (fabulous Senior Center thrift store) where we each found at least two great pieces.

-A fantastic Chinese full body massage. Four of us gals lined up in a row of massage chairs. It was Pat, myself, dear Jen and Kristin of West Vista Urban Farm School.

-Hot homemade apple pie as a punctuation, preface or in place of most meals.

--Tickets to Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne and Beyond. Just go see it. There were at least six works in that show that transcend this realm and spoke of pure vibrating communion with the creator. The Nabis works especially. Many brought tears to our eyes. I could go on, but really, words are pitifully insufficient next to these works.

-A sparkling visit to a park and a walk on the bay between rainstorms.

-Dim Sum at East Ocean Seafood. Fortunes were read in the tea leaves.

-And Annie! My darling! Despite calling me a "Pat Hog" she did a fair bit of hogging as well. She made Pat breakfast, decorated her bed and door to her room, sang, played piano, acted out scenes for her upcoming show, held hands with, draped herself on Pat, and told a million stories and got Pat to herself as well. Annie, your are wonderful!

I'll stop gushing now.
Love you Pat!