Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Fox and the Owl

All of the fabrics that I used for these pillows are from FIDM and from scraps I've saved over the years. And yes, I"ll shut up about FIDM soon, I promise. It's just that I'm in a sewing phase right now and I am so grateful and amazed I can find quality material that is sooooo unique and affordable. Did I mention it's all $1.00 a yard? Now, back to the pillows. They each measure 14" X 26". The orange base is an Italian woven fabric, the imagery is made of wool felt, upolstry fabric and embroidery floss. They were made as gifts for someone who loves strawberries and peaches, and they were lovingly recieved.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Little Runaway

Ever since he got his hair cut, Jasper has gotten out of our yard/house at least four times! It's been nerve wracking, embarrassing and expensive. The first time he was picked up by the Humane Society of Alameda and it cost close to $100 to spring him from his overnight lockup. Since then it's been repeated calls from a neighbor, and unknown citizens walking him home. What is up? A once balanced guy, he now seems anxious and eager to roam. An identity crisis? Loss-of-coat sense of self?

In an attempt to balance him out again, we've taken to excersizing him in his favorite wooded area, made him a new, cozy green dog bed with a bone on it (we found the foam for free in Berkeley and the green fabric was from LaLa), and Annie has made numerous play dough desserts which are inedible, but the pictures she shot are sure cute!

This is before the traumatic cut.

Now I just hope we can make it through the 4th of July holiday without him galloping away from us due to fireworks. Wish us luck.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Stylish and Practical

These grocery tote bags were made by LaLa and we love them. They have contrasting fabrics on the inside, they are lightweight, attractive, and just the right size. You can see my little model stuffed them with pillows so you can get the full effect. We've had them for over a month now, and we've used them with each shopping trip we've made since. If you want a pair, just ask Pat by leaving a comment on her blog. I think she makes two for twenty.


I copied an old nighty that I've enjoyed for a few years, and it came out fantastic. The original gown was from April Cornell. Remember that place? I really like how the colors, pleats, and piping worked out. Again, the fabric is from FIDM. So the whole thing cost under $5, that's including the piping. I wish I had bought enough fabric to make Annie one. As you can see, she likes it too.

Mommy & Me & Astro

I got this fabric earlier this year at FIDM. $1.00 a yard. It's loud and fun and it was super easy to sew on. Annie looks like a million dollars in hers, as does Astro (Annie's first child, a boy, and my first Grandson. He calls me Gramma.) I look festive too.
I'm feeling the excitement of summer and some upcoming activities. I'm busy sewing for Annie and myself, getting ready for a much needed swimming, sun, and art getaway.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Outside my window... the Angels Trumpet is heavy with blooms

I am thinking... about breakfast

I am thankful for... connection

From the kitchen... we did a FULL thanksgiving dinner for Fathers Day.

I am wearing... chenille bed jacket, an old nighty

I am creating... new nighties for Annie and I

I am going... to visit LaLa in four days!

I'm reading... "Abel's Island" by W. Stieg

I am hoping... the weather stays like this. It's glorious!

I am hearing... the birds in my studio snacking on seeds

Around the house...coins. Annie has opened her large piggy bank and is in the (slow) process of counting

One of my favorite things... watch a movie on my computer while engrossed in a project

A few plans for the rest of the week... packing, playdate

A picture to share...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Few Moments

I was in a PhotoBooth mood tonight, and as soon as I had taken two or three shots, guess who walked in?
She's always had a sixth sense for when I'm pondering my solo self.

Friday, June 12, 2009

We Love You Cameron

When we think of our dear friend named Cameron,
our hearts start a beatin' and hammerin'!
Her love of kitties and pups,
and for makin' cool stuff,
give us all smiles,
that go on for miles.
Even if we're twisted and gruff!

We heard you are stricken with pox!
Oh dear! Cover your hands with some sox!
For we hear they are itchy,
(and can make you quite bitchy)
so we are sending warm thoughts
(and this cute little fox)
in hopes that you won't have to squawk
(too much...)
about those damn chicken pox!

Bill, Annie and I wrote this tonight at the dinner table. Annie thought the cuss words might make you smile.

We love you Cam!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Shoppe Girl

I know I've mentioned LaLa's shop before. It's a place that holds many, many memories and feelings for me. It used to be my grandfathers shop. Although most of my memories are of my grandmother Frances and LaLa Pat. I have memories of my grandmother typing in the office, giving me exciting rides down the isles on hand trucks, and her testing sound equipment. "Testing 1-2-3..." Sometimes she sang into the mic, using her stage voice, the sounds echoing through that enormous space. Ahh! Gives me chills to recall her voice and her delivery of "You Made Me Love You!"

Even before my grandfather passed the reins to my aunt, I recall her orchestration of the shop and overseeing all aspects of the manufacture of the sound equipment. Over time, I've seen her wear all the hats. From designing and bringing to market new products, cutting wood, drilling metal, hiring and training employees, ordering, customer service, etc., etc., etc. All the while parenting, and eventually caring for my grandparents as the aged and eventually passed away.

So the shop holds a lot of stories for me. The biggest one is about possibilities.

Another Stieg

(You have an ache? I have an allergy.)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Crunchy, Salty, Nutty and Slightly Sweet

I think I'm in the middle of a blog break!
An unintended blog break.
I've found myself in a cycle of introspection, slowness, quiet.
Somewhat muddley.
Slightly flat.
A bit fuzzy too.
I've surrendered to it.
I'll wait for the next set of waves.
(Hopefully creativity, sharing and inspiration.)

Pictured above - Granola we made today. The house still smells great.