Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Little Runaway

Ever since he got his hair cut, Jasper has gotten out of our yard/house at least four times! It's been nerve wracking, embarrassing and expensive. The first time he was picked up by the Humane Society of Alameda and it cost close to $100 to spring him from his overnight lockup. Since then it's been repeated calls from a neighbor, and unknown citizens walking him home. What is up? A once balanced guy, he now seems anxious and eager to roam. An identity crisis? Loss-of-coat sense of self?

In an attempt to balance him out again, we've taken to excersizing him in his favorite wooded area, made him a new, cozy green dog bed with a bone on it (we found the foam for free in Berkeley and the green fabric was from LaLa), and Annie has made numerous play dough desserts which are inedible, but the pictures she shot are sure cute!

This is before the traumatic cut.

Now I just hope we can make it through the 4th of July holiday without him galloping away from us due to fireworks. Wish us luck.


Pat said...

Why is it that we give our hearts to these animals so easily. Is it that they give back so willingly. Boy, he is a handsome dog. I hope that these "sweet" treas were only looked at?

Jen N said...

maybe he will stay home for homemade tortilla chips :)