Friday, June 12, 2009

We Love You Cameron

When we think of our dear friend named Cameron,
our hearts start a beatin' and hammerin'!
Her love of kitties and pups,
and for makin' cool stuff,
give us all smiles,
that go on for miles.
Even if we're twisted and gruff!

We heard you are stricken with pox!
Oh dear! Cover your hands with some sox!
For we hear they are itchy,
(and can make you quite bitchy)
so we are sending warm thoughts
(and this cute little fox)
in hopes that you won't have to squawk
(too much...)
about those damn chicken pox!

Bill, Annie and I wrote this tonight at the dinner table. Annie thought the cuss words might make you smile.

We love you Cam!


Pat said...

Life can be quite itchy at times. But don't fall into the trap of itching the itch.
That fox is so clever looking!!

Cory Meyers said...


I think this is my first post! Thank you to you, Bill and Annie. It put a big smile on Cameron's face!!! We all got a great laugh, especially the cussing!!

Love to you all...


8)(8 said...

That's hilarious and clever.