Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some Summer Highlights

The magic of sparklers!

Gulp! Can you see how much she's grown? The hair pulled back might be throwing me off, but she looks older than I'm comfortable with right now. And where does she get that leg + hip pose from?

Bill above Lake Tahoe on a gorgeous day.

Zooming in and capturing a moment of Annie up (way up!) in the tree house she and Bill have been building together.

Listening to Bill and Hollis talk while soaking up the sun in Big Sur.

Annie modeling one of the many fabulous nighties that LaLa has made her. She says she's flying out of lava in this photo. She looks like Marilyn Monroe to me. (That pose again!)

True Summer Highlight; Seeing the Getty Villa permanent collection with LaLa and Annie! Amazing.

Hiking with the entire Hinz family, including Uncle Pete.

Feeling so proud as I rode behind Annie as she rode "Dot" along the beach in Big Sur.

Having one of those deeply grateful moments as I watched Annie and Bill on the trail ahead of me.