Friday, July 4, 2008

I Dream of Houses

I really do! I think a lot about our new house, other houses I've lived in, even my dollhouse and I dream a lot about houses I see around me. I love to go into houses, basements, attics, yards and I want to visit as many as I can. Alameda is the perfect town for me because it is solid historic homes from one end to the other. That said, I saw Patrick Dougherty's work and I love his imagery well, because he seems to dream of houses too.

So, we are working hard on the new house. We have torn out the old bathroom and replaced the floor and walls with new tile! Ahhh! I couldn't stand the thought of bathing in there with the old stuff. Starting Monday the old 3/4" fir floors will be sanded down, filled, stained and refinished!

Then we move next Saturday.


Anonymous said...

Which is real and which is the dream? How lovely.

bernard n. shull said...

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Kate in NJ said...

How lovely.
Feel free to come visit and attend
to our old tile and flooring when you're done.;-)

Project Pink Suitcase said...

You are going to LOVE it.
Endless home projects. Yep. We have many ongoing home projects...but mostly on hold for the moment due to little guy taking priority as he should.