Monday, August 4, 2008

Happy Hippy Chick

Anne and I did some tie dye at Perpetual Recess (a wonderful SF Bay Area Unschooling Group) last week and now she wants to tie dye her sheets, towels and all of her clothes. She's worn this outfit as jammies and as a bathing suit so far, which I find charming especially because she is becoming more aware of how others dress and and still choosing it. I am noticing my dear Annie growing and changing rapidly these days. Even her voice. Bill and I are celebrating many milestones with her, and it's seems like so many clustered together. For instance, she is trying out bike riding without training wheels, tying bows proficiently (which she's never expressed any interest in), trying a lot of different foods and last but not least, she is reading whole books out loud to us all by herself. Wow!
This week we are focusing on getting ready for camp in Calistoga which starts Sunday. We've also got a date with Johnny to go to the beach and a playdate with Cilla, Nick, Ilana and Syke, a possible outing with Willow and Lazuli and the big big event...Grandma and Grandpa are going to be here on Thursday!


Cher Mere said...

Very nice tye-dye. I have some of Z's stained clothes that I should do that to.

Gwenivere said...

I love all the changes that are occurring at once. What a special time for you.

Kate in NJ said...

Cool bro-in-law got married in Calistoga when I was pregnant with P...she keeps wanting to go "back" was so lovely.