Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Everything is Illuminated

Something about the quality of light during these short days fills me with wonder and pleasure! I also feel my mother and grandmother's love and excitement for this time of year, and I feel really connected to many layers of love!
The combination of senses and memory leaves me close to tears, tears of joy and gratitude, and I want to spend all my time with Annie and Bill. I want to hold hands, listen, be really close, sing, go for walks, and make everything special. Celebratory!


Annie, Bill and I loved our Thanksgiving in L.A. and we missed cooking our first turkey in our new home, so we had Thanksgiving II last weekend. We did all of our favorite dishes, set the table and had a mini-feast. While Papa was in the last hour of roasting, Annie and I went to the beach to do a little crabbing before the sunset, and I snapped a few shots. I think they capture some of the qualities I'm loving right now.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful and soul comforting your table looks. All is well.

Kate in NJ said...

I am filled with love and also
longing for the loved ones who have passed on..especially my Mom.
Your photos are beautiful.

Gwenivere said...

This just looks so precious. May you be bursting with joy and love.

8)(8 said...

Beautiful photos.

nike dunk said...

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