Monday, November 23, 2009

Goodbye Scully

After seventeen+ wonderful years,
we said a final goodbye to our most beautiful cat Scully

Really, it was Bill's kitty.
He picked her out of a newborn litter and took her home at nine weeks old.
Scully was utterly devoted to him every day of her life.

Bill in turn spent almost every evening after dinner holding her,
giving her her full share of scratching and petting, and she purred and "knitted" his shirt and slept happily.

So, with tenderness and great emotion, we sewed her still body into a golden fabric pouch, then buried her in the side yard, right outside the studio window.


Tonight, we're each raw and stunned and tired and sniffley and inward.

Goodnight Scully and thank you.

We miss you.


Pat said...

She was beautiful. How I enjoyed seeing her and telling her how elegant she was! The pain is raw right now and I feel so bad for Bill. She went with him on all the travels of life, from young man to father, and she was faithful to him in every way. Beautiful Scully.

Kristin said...

A pet is like a person in many ways. I'm sorry for Bill, especially, but I'm sure the absence of her presence is hard on all of you. What a special burial.

8)(8 said...

So sorry. That's so difficult.

Kate in NJ said...

((BIG HUGS)) for you all...I still miss each one of my little fury babies that has passed on.
I love the special way you laid her to rest..she was beautiful.

beadbabe49 said...

It's so hard to lose our dear hearted friends...hugs to you all.

zoe krylova said...

oh, i am so sorry. i hope she is rolling in the catnip of the eternal catfields with a purr and a grin. i have seen a few cats go in my lifetime; the sadness is like no other.