Thursday, December 31, 2009


This week I'm living with a high-tech peacock and a super-hero Raven. Adding to our fun, our friend Robert (age 11) is here visiting and it's so wonderful to have games, special meals, play, play, play and today we're off to see Where the Wild Things Are together with dear Mary from around the corner.

We still have our full holiday decor up, and Grandma and Grandpa are coming today for a New Years celebration complete with fresh crab, a homemade angel food cake with a chocolate glaze and a redwood hike.
Then we are going monastic.


Jen N said...

happy new year! the costumes are fantastic.

Pat said...

Those costumes are every child's fantasy come true. Lucky little girl.

Phyllis said...

Happy New Year! What a great costume1

Cher Mere said...

awesome costume!

8)(8 said...

Beautiful. That top photo of Annie is absolutely gorgeous.

Ami has a raven costume that she put together from her black things. She likes to be a bird too. I only have an older photo. I'll have to find it.

Today she was a colonial girl.

Kristin said...

Wonderfully inventive costumes. I have a jar of honey for your family with the label you designed on it, finally! I think it looks great.

Ulla said...

Ohhhh, I can only imagine seeing 'wild things' as being even more wonderful while sitting next to a peacock/raven! Lovely!
Missing you both,