Sunday, February 10, 2008


Annie loves clothes that match for us. I love it too!
(I feel a little embarrassed to admit that...)

I can't imagine how long that will last, so while it does I'm happy to oblige. I've been holding on to this thin rayon knit for a while now with the idea of making some nighties for myself. HBO has been running Marie Antoinette and there is a scene in it where the Dauphine is being dressed in a wonderful nightie, and although this one is different, it did inspire me! So, I finally made one. I added a series of gathers over the front and back to obscure the outline of my body, and rayon ribbon to hide the outline of my breasts. It is very soft and silky. When I was finished Annie said "Oh it's so soft and beautiful! I want one just the same!" So I made a smaller version, without the gathers, and tried to match the ribbon pattern exactly. When she saw it the first thing she said was "You didn't make the gathers!"
I actually didn't think she'd notice!

Even though it is
really hard to wait, we are just holding out for warmer weather to start wearing our new nighties. I'm still choosing flannel and heavy cotton knits against the cold mornings and evenings here in Alameda.


Anonymous said...

Very sweet and sweet that she wants to dress like you.

Catching Fireflies said...

I am impressed that you can sew like that.

When Z was younger I did sometimes coordinate our clothes. *grin* It was embarrassing but also fun.

I think it is totally sweet that Annie likes to match with you. Bedclothes are perfect.

Mariposa said...

Wow, those are beautiful.

Project Pink Suitcase said...

That is fun! I think my little guy
would dress like me too if we had
matching clothes. He is so funny.
We had matching t-shirts last summer that he liked wearing.
It's fun to hear about Annie.