Thursday, February 21, 2008


I did a portrait series of myself tonight. Or it tried. It drove Annie completely bonkers that I wanted some privacy in my studio! I tried to keep her at bay for a little while while I experimented, but she literally couldn't take it that I wanted photos without her! She sent in the dog once, then slid a note under the door. All after a few too many inquires to when I might be done. I did do a few interesting portraits of myself, and then I caved in and we took a bunch of the two of us. Here are a few.


Anonymous said...

She is definetly a camera hog. What are you going to do, the eye automatically goes to the child, anyway.

Ulla said...

Delightful! Once a mother, always a mother! They make me smile and giggle !

Project Pink Suitcase said...

Self-portraits are always so intriguing. Thanks for posting.
It's funny how Annie loves to get in there. What a joy. Can't fight it.