Monday, August 10, 2009

You're My Number One

These two little friends of mine both love to have their picture taken, and I really love taking them. It's a bit tricky though because Annie just saw the pictures on my desktop and said "I really feel jealous and I don't like it when you take pictures of other kids!"

This is not the first time it's come up.

So dear reader, just take a quick peek at these two shots. I thought the light was so perfect, plus the excitement of the background quilt. (And I have to admit the models are quite delightful.)

So to you, my darling Annie, you're really my number one favorite person in the whole wide world to take pictures of and I love you a google plex times more than any other kid on the planet!

I really mean that!


Phyllis said...

Darling photos. I love the guilt. What fun!

8)(8 said...

Cute photos.

I empathize with Annie. Ami is jealous when her toy poodle gets a compliment.

Pat said...

The children are delightful. Is it that she doesn't like those girls as much, as what she see you liking them?. I remember thinking "How can Mother like those girls, they'r icky". And yet if I really liked the girl, I was happy that my Mother liked her too.

Forte said...

Annie is very honest. I can respect that! :D
Great photos!