Monday, August 17, 2009

She's In

Annie has never put her face underwater. Never ever. Not in the shower, not in the bath. I've never pressured her (although it's driven me nuts, at times, like many of her idiosyncrasies) and we've always just worked around it.

Until now.

This weekend at Grandma's she's been swimming like she's done it for years! Deep end, shallow end, touching the bottom, free as a little dolphin!

Just like riding a bike, she hopped on one day and rode with mastery and skill.

Despite working around so many of Annie's uniquenesses, I love that she really listens to herself and honors her own deep sense of safety and timing!

She keeps calling me to just squeal her accomplishment across the phone lines! Then she dashes back in.


Pat said...

Annie is to congratulated!! How wonderful to fully embrace the sport. May it always give her the peace and excitment.

8)(8 said...

That's wonderful! Beautiful photos. Do you have a special camera to take the underwater photos?

patrice said...

Hi Mariposa,
since Annie and Bill don't come home until tomorrow with the pictures they've taken with an underwater camera, I trolled the image files on-line and chose these two to illustrate my post.
If I don't put my MakingPeace watermark on the photo, it is not shot by me.

Cher Mere said...

Yay for Annie! That really made me smile.

Phyllis said...

Wonderful! Best to honor the self always.

Kristin said...

What a fish! I love the water too so I'm always thrilled when children enjoy it. It's clear Annie now does. Cool photos too!

Gwenivere said...

That's great! It can be such a job in it's self being the parent and waiting on your child's timetable. Congrats to you both!

Sue VanHattum said...

Patrice, I love this post. Celebrating their timetables, yes!