Tuesday, March 17, 2009

There She Goes!

Annie has not had much interest in biking. She had a trike but she really didn't care. Then she had a bike with training wheels, but again, not interested. Well, yesterday she asked me, after not getting on the bike for months, to take the training wheels off the bike and voila! She's been riding a two wheeled bike ever since! That was that. What I love about it is that she followed her own interest. She never bowed to pressure (I won't name names) and really waited until she felt ready and interested. Woo hoo!

What I don't like about Annie learning to ride a bike is that again and again, she goes riding off! Bye bye Mama! Of course she turns and comes back, but I get a sense of what's to come. (*I'm imaging Annie riding on the road with cars, and someday driving a car. Ugh!*) There she goes! Gosh, she gets going pretty fast! She's not that great at steering, turning and focusing on the road yet, and ak! falling, crashing, and all those cars whizzing by only feet from the sidewalk. I guess her lack of interest has sheltered me from these thoughts.

We're taking the bike to the ocean path in a few minutes so she can really get a taste of the wind in her hair and pumping, pumping, pumping. Deep sigh! I'm happy and just a tiny bit sad too! As you can see, it's not just I. Jasper whines at the fence watching her pedal down the street. He's not used to her going off on her own either.

The music - I Want to Ride My Bicycle by Queen


Cher Mere said...

Yay for Annie!

Z has almost the same bike. We went riding for the first time today since fall

Kate in NJ said...

LOL, Your song choices always
have meaning for me..lol.
Yeah for Annie...for success..
for knowing when she is ready.
(hugs) for Momma and Jasper waiting
for her return..I am also living
within the shadow of my Princess
riding away from the castle one day...

Pat said...

She's a big girl now. Oh goodness,it has begun.

Marshamlow said...

Awesome. I like the song choice too!

Ulla said...

Beautiful post! That top photo tells all... Why is it that they have to grow up so quickly? And yet, its such a joy to see them fly!
p.s. Love the music!

Forte said...

We are Cheering from here!! ( East Coast)
I know what you mean about it being sad:(
Just think though, you can walk leisurely down the ocean path, while she rides circles around you;) Isn't that how it is supposed o be? : D

Zoe said...

believe it or not, tashi just started riding on two wheels (she's 11!). we've had a great bike for her since she was in first grade but she simply refused to take the training wheels off and once she consented, she refused to give it a try. we never had a really good surface around our house to practice on, but since we've moved and have a nice paved driveway, she finally found her moment. one day she sat on the bike, and off she went, no problem. and now, when we get home from school, she marches out into the garage, gets her bike, and whips around the driveway. i'm just waiting for the day she asks to go on the road!

8)(8 said...

Congratulations to Annie! She looks so cute.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Good for Annie...she's riding her bike...fun to have family rides! I remember letting Ted ride around the block and when we was out of sight I was a wreck waiting...not easy being a mom.

tanrzmom said...

Oh she is spreading her wings mama. It is a scary feeling at first and you will probably never get used to it. But they grow into these wonderful beings and it is so great.