Thursday, March 5, 2009

Room With a View

When I look out of my window, from either my studio or from my living room, I am greeted by this wonderful old shingled house. It's in great shape and the brown color is soothing to me, plus for the last few weeks, the huge, showy, blossoming tulip tree against the house is totally alive and singing a song of Spring!
Ahhhh! I love the view!
The house is owned by a charming woman Corinna. She's probably in her late 70's, I'm guessing. I see her out there gardening and she loves a visit from us. Really I think it's Annie that brings her the most pleasure though. Our plan was to take over the watercolor sketch pictured above that I did, (with help from Annie) this morning, but Annie has the stomach-flu-from-hell and we are only going as far as the bathroom then back to her bed! Ugh!
I believe we've got everything we need to make it through this bug thanks to Dr. Nieters (a million thanks you's!) who made a surprising house call around noon. He did a check-up on Annie and gave her herbs and medicine to keep her from getting dehydrated and to stop the vomiting.

Send Annie any healing thoughts if you can! She's miserable.


8)(8 said...

The poor girl, I hope she is better soon.

Pat said...

I hope Annie recovers her bloom soon. She is also a flower of Spring.

beadbabe49 said...

I'm sending annie healing beams and also a few sunbeams from Oregon, where it is sunny at the coast.

Jen N said...

we are sending lots of good thoughts and when she is ready we have some books to drop by, unicorns, snakes and more.