Saturday, March 14, 2009

Secret Garden

We've been wanting to do terrariums for a while now...
I knew it was going to be a perfect project for us. Miniatures + fairies + plants + easy.

So, today, ignoring the ear pressure and drainage (sorry), Annie and I dressed, brushed and gussied a bit before leaving the house, entering the outside world at last, our sites set on the nursery.
(See Jasper smiling for the camera?)

We had charcoal and plants on our list.
The rest; glass containers, moss, gravel, soil and figurines we had.

It's simple; gravel for drainage, charcoal for eliminating bacteria, moss to contain the roots, and soil to grow in. There are a few good YouTube tutorials too. I bought two types of Babytears-type moss, a very tiny tiny mint that smells fantastic, some small indoor plants, and some mini variety of Sedum.

Above is Annie's. It turned out so charming! She did a "dry" riverbed using some shiny stones we got at Beverly's for another project. Then she used an old aquarium bridge, and most of the plants we bought. Yesterday she had two deer by the river, today she has a small dragon overlooking the bridge. We're keeping a basket of ornaments (dinosaurs, mammals, Asian ceramics, etc.) on the table and we've been shifting them around daily, creating a completely different woodland, or desert landscape.

Time will tell how these enviornments and varieties will do. Some will thrive, others will not. For now, we watch. I know over-watering can be a problem, so we are watching closely. Annie wants to water and mist them every few hours, so I'm re-directing her outdoors to work some of it out. The great thing is you can SEE how much water is down at the gravel level, and SEE how moist the soil is. I'll let you know how they grow.

The song is Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen


Pat said...

Very charming and a re-affirmation of life and spring.

Cher Mere said...

Those are so wonderful!

Kate in NJ said...

I tried to convince P to do one
this weekend, we had tons of moss in one of the beds we were cleaning out..she was not interested. :-(
If I had all the materials on hand, I would have done it myself, but I was not willing to go get things for just
Yours look amazing.

Kristin Sherman Olnes said...

I love this activity. I will do it with my daughter, who is very into creating little worlds. I remember my Mom's good friend in the 70s had a terrarium and it always fascinated me. Thanks for the reminder.