Friday, March 6, 2009

Hello Bernie, Peggy, Peter, Michael, John, Vincent, Damian, Colette, Pauline, Maureen, Kathleen, Theresa and Mum

Earlier this week, LaLa Pat got an email from Bernie from England asking if she was the daughter of my grandmother Frances and granddaughter of my great grandfather Thomas? If so, we were family. After an email or two between them, it became clear that YES, we are all connected to the same family! How fun! Bernie lives in England with a large extended family, and has been piecing together his family tree. Seems with the Internet, he was able to pick up the trail with on-line records and some of the genealogy sites, and voila!
My grandmother Frances and his aunt Peggy (my great grandfathers niece) had kept in touch by letter until WWII and then the connection was lost. Fran and Peggy were just young teenagers at the time. Aunt Peggy is now in her 80's and has always wondered what happened to Fran. So sad that Fran is no longer alive. She would have gotten a huge kick out of this!

Pictured above is my Grandmother Frances Farrell and her dad Thomas Farrell. She wrote in her diary about a long train trip to New Orleans to see the worlds fair. Maybe this photo is of that trip. I've gotten out her journals and I will try and date and place this photo. Don't you love her dress?

Below is Aunt Peggy! Hello Peggy!


Pat said...

Would love to see the pockets on that dress. I imagine that the color of the dress was a mustardy yellow and the hat rust. Oh who my imagination does take flight!!!!

Kate in NJ said...

So cool.