Sunday, September 20, 2009

4:00 a.m.

i don't know what woke me... i think i could have gone back to sleep except the lure of the computer drew me to my studio. just a few minutes to meander and read email while everyone is asleep seemed so guilt-free and irresistible.

here's a little "10 things" meme i saw batted around out in blogland;

1. i always find the shady side of the street. as a redhead, the sun has always been something i avoid.

2. i miss terribly the open ocean and the redwoods surrounding santa cruz california. not to mention the dear friends and neighbors that i miss daily.

3. people are often surprised when they see my hair down. i really only take it down to sleep and bathe.

4. i'm typing this in at 4:00a.m. it's perfectly still and quiet in my house and on my street. (i just heard jasper creeping around upstairs.)

5. i smile easily and often, although it takes a lot to make me laugh out loud.

6. i typically under-commit and over-deliver. i think it is because i don't like chaos and i enjoy thoroughness, economy and taking my sweet time.

7. just like my grandmother, i am mesmerized by babies, young children, and baby animals. i love the way they look, sound, smell and i am charmed by what they do. i'm confused at how different observing young life can be from the reality of parenting (and animal ownership) in my own life.

8. i enjoy a tidy and organized home. sometimes i get a feeling of utter contentment and pleasure putting things back where they belong.

9. when i was younger, i thought i was really tall. (I stand 5'4")

10. i can hear a train whistling in the distance. it's getting really faint.

now that i'm chilled, falling back asleep next to a sleeping annie is going to feel so warm and cozy...


Project Pink Suitcase said...

You sound a bit like me these days.
I was up at 5:30...laying around.
Then, after I couldn't sleep I got up at 5:54 approx. and got on the computer. I like that quiet time when everyone's sleeping. I'll be feeling it later today and need a nap.

Phyllis said...

Early morning is the best time especially when raising children. I always cherished these hours when the house was quiet, and I could read and write in my journal without interruption. Now I need to sleep a little later, but I long for those soulful predawn moments some days.

Fascinated by your early morning thoughts and revelations. I identified with many.

Cher Mere said...

I got up after 1:00 a.m. sometime last week and got on my computer and I didn't feel guilty either. I thought "No one needs me. I am not ignoring anyone. I can do this!"

It was intoxicating.

But usually I would rather sleep.

Ulla said...

Good Morning Patrice! I wish I could emulate your number 6! Everything else I see in you - your smile ALWAYS makes my heart happy!
HOpe to SeE you sOOn!

8)(8 said...

Once in a while I wake like that.

That's neat about your hair being long.

Sometimes Ami likes to carry an umbrella in the sun. It's about the only time to use one here.