Tuesday, August 3, 2010

After the Faire

LaLa came for a long weekend, and it was the best weekend ever!
I'm still recovering.
Saturday was one of those spontaneous magical days that one simply cannot plan for. That happens a lot when Pat and I get together.
Sunday was the Alameda Point Antique Faire which takes super-human powers to see thoroughly. And we did see it thoroughly. The picture above is me when we got home. Pat must have taken it from where (I thought) she was dozing in the rocker across from me.
Thanks for coming Pat!
That lump I get in my throat when you leave, is still with me...

Hey! That's not me snoring. It's Harpo!


Pat said...

I think that that is the best photo I have taken in a very long time. Your hair looks so lovely and "the dolly dog" is fetching as well.
It was an amazing weekend. My feet still vibrate!

Phyllis said...

How nice that you are so close to one another. Glad you had such a special time. Alameda is exhausting, no question.