Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Liked This Very Much

I love to see movies, and since Annie arrived on the scene over nine years ago, I just haven't seen many. Enter Netflix to the rescue. I admit, I am still helplessly out of the loop as to what is in theaters, especially Independent and Foreign releases, so I've been snooping around Netflix and streaming movies onto my TV, and voila!, so many films.
Be warned that my tastes run far from mainstream when I say I loved Seraphine. I loved it. A quiet, based-on-true-life period piece, that moves slowly and ends without everything tied up in a smart little bow. Oh yes, it's about an artist.
I love the actress who played the lead role and all the supporting characters, none of whom I've seen before.
If you see it, let me know what you think!


Pat said...

I love to try to get into the artist's head and this looks like I will have more fun. It is already on my list.

capello said...

oh, this does look lovely.

and the lead, i believe she was in amelie - she looks very familiar.

(which, amelie is definitely at the top of my favorites list)

beadbabe49 said...

I loved it too and looked up her life when I finished watching the movie...fascinating person!
(Have you seen the Cats of Mirikitani?) I think you'd like it also.

Ulla said...

Hello my dears! Danny and I were just chatting about how long its been since we have seen the 2 of you at the Castle!
Hope you are well, and sending lots of love and kisses...

zoe krylova said...

that looks like a film i would enjoy, thanks for posting. i think you would like "bright star," directed by jane campion. it is about john keats and his lover fanny brawne. stunning.