Monday, January 17, 2011

My Muse

Pat and I had an impromptu Skype date Sunday morning, lasting probably and hour and a half. How pleasant! It was almost like being together!
She was making refinements on a purse design and I was doing a Picasso inspired project for the kids in my studio, so I pretended we were working side-by-side in the studio. Because I had her right there, (on screen) I used her as my model, my Dora Mar. I can't wait to have the kids do the project.
Other than that, I'm completely obsessed with some construction work I'm doing to enlarge my studio. Really it's a dream-come-true making my studio twice the size, improve the lighting, add more outlets, still my heart! I'm sooo excited. I'm going to try some "before" shots, so I can show the improvements.


Pat said...

That was really fun yesterday! let's do it again. I got to do handwork and watch you paint. How much more fun can that be?

Jen N said...

wonderful - so vibrant

Kristin said...

The construction has begun eh? Yeah! Your exchange with Pat was totally unique.