Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Quick Visit to France!

The stories are true about France having a rich history, beautiful customs and thriving arts! Our homeschool Country Club brought it all to life today!

The presentations began with Annie (as SuperGirl Kitty photo 6, above) sharing about Marie Antoinette and Louis August, notorious King and King of France. Then Mathias (photo 3 above) and Asher (photo 7 above) studied then shared two books about French men, Marcel Marceau, and the famous tightrope walker Philippe Petit. Exciting and well presented!

Then Johnny (photo 4, top photo collage above) gave us some insight into the French Revolution and helped us to see the very real violence that come with upheaval. Aiden (above looking so handsome and so French, directly above) and Caleb (photo 5 top photo collage above) brought the Tour-De-France alive. I never knew it was over 2,000 miles long! Plus they added a review of the Red Balloon, making me want to rent the movie for Annie.

Then the delightful Scotts (Peter and Marianna above, and Elizabeth, photo 1 top photo collage above) brought with them the beauty, elegance and style of the French at their best! Food and a meditative approach to enjoyment and nourishment. They brought fresh berries, flowers, crusty baguettes, brie, olives, candles, and a wonderful dry champagne (Jeanette and Jen enjoying photo 2 above, as well as myself!), for the grown-ups! Wow!

Next month is Johnny's pick! Ireland here we come!

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