Friday, April 22, 2011

Who Loves Easter?

Easter is still a big deal around here! At ten, Annie is as enthusiastic as ever, begging us to dye eggs and bring out the decorations. Her friend Robert (see below) at 12.5... not so enthusiastic. I wonder how long it will last around here? I hope for a long time.

Oh! We learned something new this year about boiling the eggs. Annie Googled it while we were in the kitchen getting ready. Start by putting the eggs into the pot and do not boil them, or they will crack! Slowly cook them on medium, we did it for at least 45 minutes and they turned out perfect. I ate one to check.

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Pat said...

Robert needs to jump into the pool. It is ever so fun! Annie has it right! I remember those days with great fondness. East was my favorite holiday.