Friday, September 28, 2012

A Beautiful Life

My darling daughter Annie does quite a bit of real work around our household and I have come to rely on it. This was yesterday's list for Annie and her good friend Johnny to accomplish while they spent the day here.  (There are a couple more items listed on the back of the paper; make lunch, clean up after lunch, counters, sink and floor, put dishes in dishwasher, etc.) All boxes were checked off and all jobs were completed to my satisfaction. Some chores they teamed up on and some chores they did on their own. I had to demonstrate a few things and offer a little supervision, but not much. I feel very proud of Annie, and Johnny for their willingness to work hard. I appreciate their amazing attitudes. I also appreciate that they don't question "why" or if there will be payment or reward for their time and effort. Of course I heartily exclaim my delight, pride and relief at the support they are offering, and how much it makes my life more beautiful, happy, easy and comfortable.
After all the jobs were done, they were clamoring for more!
What else could they do for me?
Pure ecstasy to my ears!

I cut a watermelon, popped some popcorn and pulled out some healthy treats I had squirreled away to make them a celebratory tray.


ullam said...

Love the list! But I love the workers attitudes and smiles even more!! You are so lucky!
Kisses to you and yours,

8)(8 said...

That's awesome, and I want to try that. I ask my dd to give me her schedule everyday instead of the other way around, and it works for us.

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