Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nameless Blogging Authority

Certain Nameless Blogging Authorities have subtlety hinted at my infrequent posting, and commented that the focus of my posts being of a slightly narrow subject matter (a darling with long dark hair). OK. I don't need to be told twice. So, I'm broadening my focus and showing you a bit of what I'm up to around this new house. As you know, we've moved to the California Bay Area, where most of my family originated, an area near and dear to my heart, and close to Chinatown, a place I love, my Mother loved, LaLa Pat loves and their mother and my Grandmother did too. So, it's in our blood. Asian art, culture, philosophy and medicine. And, one of the things that drew me to this house is a long, 20ft tall stand of black bamboo bordering the whole back side of the property! So, the perfect theme for our dining room mural? A Chinese-style bamboo and bird motif. Just this morning I blocked in a color wash on one wall to sketch out my design. I'm not going to get too, too detailed with this mural, but more defined and more color than you see presently. For now I'm just "sketching" in the placement. I'll keep you updated.

Thanks for the nudge, Nameless Blogging Authority.


Anonymous said...

The presentation and color are really a knock out display. It must be very exciting to walk into that room. Beautiful.

Project Pink Suitcase said...

It wasn't me.
I love seeing your photos of Annie.
It's fun to see her adventures.
I also really LOVE your wall mural! Bravo!
The bamboo is so perfect there. I almost wouldn't add too much more to it. It's nice and simple.
My blog started out as a Fine Art painting kind of thing, but now it has become 15% Fine Art and
85% (or maybe more) family photos and what's going on kind of posting. At first I was frustrated that I barely have time for my art, but now I feel fine with it and I'm happy for the 15% of Fine Art while I can get it. I'm sure in the future (it seems far away now), I will have more time again to devote to my Fine Art. As my son gets older he will have his own interests. I just try to enjoy each day as it is. I realize too that my son will not be so little forever either. Yep, these are precious moments.
P.S. Yes to anything Native American and future visits.

Mariposa said...

Beautiful! You are very talented.