Monday, August 20, 2007


Why go through the door when you can come-and-go
through the window?

Annie has been hounding me to get a ladder and put it under the window so she can go into the yard that way, rather than go through the door and down the steps. I've been resisting because it's a good seven or eight feet down! I finally said "yes" today and did it. She's been having a ball all day going in-and-out, and in-and-out! She's showing much care and ability so I'm relaxing about it a bit. Am I nuts?


Gherkin Pickle said...

Not at all! My kids read on top of the garage roof and go in and out of the upstairs windows with the fire ladder. They have a blast. I remember one time someone knocked on my door and informed me my chicldren were on the roof. I told them it was ok, we let them read on the roof. She walked away just shaking her head. That must have started the rumor that we were "weird homeschoolers"...LOL

Anonymous said...

Well.........It does concern me, just so long as she is careful. She is still awfully little.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I think it's a huge risk. The other day we were hiking and came upon some young boys jumping off a small bridge into a river (the drop off was about 8 feet). My son immediately asked if he could join them. I thought about the risk and the message I would be sending to him and said no. Obviously, he was very disappointed. I don't like to disappoint my children, but when it is for their safety...I deal with it.

The risk in your case is Annie falling off a ladder, that you have provided, from 7 to 8 feet in the air. She is awfully young to be climbing that high unsupervised, several times a day.

Mariposa said...

She looks like she had fun! She sure is sure- footed. :)

Project Pink Suitcase said...

You are definitely not nuts or crazy for being concerned. Concern is part of our job description as a mom.
I tend to be very conservative when it comes to my son's safety.
If there is a situation which could be potentially risky, I will remove the item or avoid the situation. I can't shield my son from everything, but I can do
things that are in my power to do.
Do what you feel is right and stick with your intuition.
I had a lot of fun on ladders when I was young, but I can't remember how old I was when I would climb up everything. My brothers and I used to climb onto our neighbor's roof when they weren't at home. Sometimes we climbed onto the roof when they were home and tried to be extra quiet. We climbed to their roof by climbing up a fence then climbing into a tree with branches that overhung onto the roof. We ended up building a small very rickety homemade treehouse in this same tree. I wish I had photos of it. I also used to climb up a ladder into our attic when I was young...maybe 8-10 years old. It was about 11-14 feet high. It was the type of attic that a person can't stand up in, but I liked climbing up and being in my own little space.
Later in my life at about age 27, I did a couple of jobs where I worked on scaffolding to do restoration painting high up on a staircase and another time 3 stories up on the outside of a building. Later, after these 2 jobs, I decided that it was too risky being up so high and not worth it. I completed both these jobs with lots of conversations to god. I didn't think it was my time to go, but I also didn't want to tempt fate too much.

(sidenote, off the subject: Gardena is pretty close to LAX.)

Project Pink Suitcase said...

Wow, I wrote a lot.
I was reliving my climbing adventures.