Monday, November 19, 2007

Little Here, Little There

We had a very sweet weekend. No plans really. Just one moment to the next. Yard work, pet care, a real date, a few open houses, a little Christmas shopping and a bunch of prep for Thanksgiving. Whew! Now that I read it back, we did a lot! One thing I did was get tableware and linens out for the big dinner, and I attached a small fabric tab with each persons initials on it, to each napkin, so our guests can use the same napkin for all meals we have together over the holiday, which in our case will be four or more meals. I also found a grease pencil to mark glasses so the kids don't need a fresh one for every drink they need. Now that I'm writing that, it does seem kinda stingy or unhygienic (we'll wash them), I just know to use a new glass or new napkin for each setting is a major waste of resources, human (wash, dry, put away) and earth (water, electricity, etc.). When I think of the amount of waste around Thanksgiving, I really want to be mindful about how we care for the earth!


Mariposa said...

Happy Thanksgiving! The decorations look beautiful.

2begin2 said...

I think that's a smart idea & a beautiful way to do it - we do the same at our house. Sounds like a lovely gathering in your home.

Cher Mere said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good idea. We do something similar at home. We each have our own napkin rings and we use cloth napkins. We also try to use the same glass throughout the day.