Saturday, November 24, 2007

Warm Glow

I'm still basking in the warm glow of the holiday! Ahhhh... LaLa, Jordan, Rebecca and the kids drove up from Los Angeles honoring us with a visit! It was so wonderful to have a houseful in this new house! Bill and I worked hard on prep of both the house and the meal(s) and it was so worth it because each meal and all the time we spent together went so smooth and pleasurably. The kids were amazingly harmonious too and so considerate of each other, plus they played non-stop without interruption, except to fall into bed at night. I was so proud of them, and relaxed since I didn't have to mediate or worry. They played with all the toys and games in the house and enjoyed themselves thoroughly. They went native on us the first morning after finding paints on a bench outside, so I snapped a few. Each moment was so filled to the brim that these are all I took and they don't begin to portray all of the happiness, gratitude and beauty I felt then and am still feeling today.


Anonymous said...

Heaven was indeed encountered. The pics show that through the mist, Heaven could been seen.

capello said...

wow, what a great time.

love your banner as well (i've been reading through bloglines and haven't seen it). :-)

Lolliegag said...

Indeed, a magical time. How thankful could I be to have such a wonderful family, immediate and extended? I felt so much love :)