Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Years Re-Do!

You may recall my last post telling (well, mourning more like) of my solo New Years hike. I'm happy to say that today Annie and Billy went with me to retrace my steps that I took New Years Day. Once Annie had seen the ladybug and mushroom photos that I took on my hike, she said "I would have gone if I knew it was going to be so beautiful!" I knew Bill was interested in checking it out too. It was a beautiful, beautiful opportunity to explore and we timed it perfectly between these California storms. The ladybugs were still there, and we saw an astounding amount of mushrooms sprouting in the damp, cold and alive forest. Ahhhhhhhhh! Really, I think I'm most content when we are together! It could be anywhere, and being outdoors and exploring with them both is pretty close to Nirvana to me. Both Bill and Annie have eyes for spotting life! With each find Annie would cry "This is a magic forest" or "Thank you earth!" I was in perfect bliss and I'm still feeling the effects of our experience tonight! Thanks for the comments both here and through email! I felt supported and cared about.

Love that!


Anonymous said...

That mushroom, with the quarter on it, is the largest fungus I have ever, ever seen. It seems a little like it was zapped by "ray" beams it is so LARGE.

Project Pink Suitcase said...

Very special!
Even more special to see it with
Annie and Bill!

Green Kitchen said...

I think that mushroom is a Zeller's Bolete, but don't quote me on that. Do you have any of David Arora's books? You should.

Can you email me: michelle at you know what, so I can ask you if I just saw the same dentist. Shively has also been recommended by my MIL and a good friend. I'm thinking second opinion.