Saturday, March 15, 2008

Salamander City

Who knew that our backyard was such a wonderland! Not only does it grow a wide variety of mushrooms, it is a haven for salamanders. They are beautiful and delicate, with four tiny toes and huge dark eyes. Annie says they have"Alien Eyes." We though they were newts, but we have positively identified them as California Slender Salamanders. The Herp site is deep. Very deep. So far Annie likes to hold them, draw them and she brought them to the naturalist center at Crab Cove to get more information, and to show them to anyone who was interested. Then yesterday, we caught two more (we release anything within a few hours) and had to march down to the park to share the joy with anyone who was interested. Can I say, we've learned a lot about Salamanders over here? If you are interested, just email Annie care of me, and you two can go into further.

I asked her to release the last two yesterday afternoon and she said "OK!" Well, later when I went into the living room she was laying on the floor with her clothes off letting the two salamanders walk all over her. I asked her what she was doing and she said she wanted to make an amusement park for them. Should I worry?


Cher Mere said...


I think that is so cute.

How cool that you have such interesting wildlife in your own yard.

Anonymous said...

Like "Stanger in a Stranger in a Strange Land", she wanted to "grok in fullness". She now is bonded forever to salamanders. I think that the total experience is enchanting.

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Mariposa said...

Oh my, that is funny!