Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Feelings

We are busy over here with our feet in the grass and the breeze in our hair! My lack of blogging is really a celebration of Spring, and an expression of our engagement with the world! We are feeling content, joyful and very connected to each other! The following is a sampling of what we've been up to;

Annie and I pulled our bikes out of winter-mode and have been riding all around town.

The aviary is abuzz with nesting, laying eggs and sorting out who goes with who. We are finding and offering different nesting materials for the hens.

Lots of croquet in the back yard! Goodwill find for $9.99!

Making long, drawn out breakfasts that include Annie's version of Fanny Farmers pancakes. (Add ricotta and an extra egg. Leave out the baking soda.)

A T.V free week!! (I hate T.V., Annie loves it!)

We made home-made watercolor cards for Spring with Illana. I painted mushrooms and chicks, Annie and Illana did everything under the rainbow.

We made home-made butter yesterday to surprise Pop!

Went on a windy picnic with Willow and Lazuli to Point Isabelle with Jasper.


Anonymous said...

Can I come for breakfast. The butter looks wonderful. And making it with Annie is a wonderful demonstration of how something from the store is made. Oh, sorry if I sound like a teacher.

Cher Mere said...

You sound so happy. that is great!

I LOVE that first picture. Is that really in your house? You have such a flair for decorating.

capello said...

wow. you've been wonderfully busy.

Project Pink Suitcase said...

Mmmm butter!
I love it when life takes over.
Thank you for sharing all of these fun times!
Happy day after Easter!