Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Seventh Heaven

Well, the festivities around Annie's birthday are finally quieting down. After her sweet and simple birthday at home last week, we went and spent a long weekend down south at Grandma's house and she threw Annie a "smashing" Sponge Bob Square Pants party, just like Annie asked for. It was fabulous! Annie was flying high all day! Grandma is our hero! I was so glad (and relieved) that Grandma wanted to throw a Sponge Bob party, because it might have been violence to my soul to throw a TV character birthday party! When Annie saw an episode of Sponge Bob a few months back I cringed! And Annie went nuts! She thought he was the cutest, silliest and most wonderful thing in the whole world! Honestly though, I really am glad she gets so much pleasure and delight from it! I'm just very anti-commercialism. And not very silly. That's just me. I also am not drawn to animation. Or kids TV. Not Annie though! She just thinks it's hysterical! Annie draws pictures of him, acts out scenes from the cartoon, and I see her doing imaginary playing out in the backyard with him, etc.,etc., etc.

I'm guessing that the sweet home-made little girl gatherings for her birthday are over and we are now onto a new phase of trying out popular culture.I'm a little sad about that. I'm also totally along for the ride, seeing what she is drawn to and supporting her in her interests and desires. And I'll be curious to see what she wants next year!

Below was the pin-the-crabby-patty on the Sponge Bob stand-up, with Annie in her Sponge Bob nightgown. There was a Sponge Bob bounce house, birthday cake, pinata, party favors, and a constant loop of Sponge Bob on the TV. She asked for everything Sponge Bob. She got it! She even got Sponge Bob gifts! Annie was in seventh heaven!


Marshamlow said...

My Lily is madly in love with Sponge Bob as well. That party looks like a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Birthday parties are to make to the birthday girl glad that she is growing. And she is definetly growing.

Project Pink Suitcase said...

Sponge Bob!!! He is FUNNY!
I'm a sucker for cartoons. I admit it. My little guy loves Sponge Bob.
He discovered him young. His cousin had a Sponge Bob party at about the same age as Annie. It was fun. When I went to that party, I was amazed at all of the Sponge Bob stuff that there is out there. It's crazy.
It looks like Annie had a great time with some fun memories of her birthday at grandma's.

Cher Mere said...

We think Spongebob is funny.

But I also support your continued anti-commercialism parties.

Gwenivere said...

Annie looks like she's have a wonderful time! ~Birthday Hugs~

Kate in NJ said...

My P and her Dad snuggle up every night to watch S.B. together with
a twizzler each. I could barely stop cringing at first, but they love it.

Wendy said...

Our oldest daughter went through a HUGE Spongebob phase. And we actually did her room with that theme.

It lasted about 2 years before she was sick of it. Now she's got pictures of Johnny Depp, which, I have to admit, I enjoy much more. ;)