Monday, September 15, 2008

Born in the Year of the Snake


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Anonymous said...

Yikes, she is without nerves!!!

Kate in NJ said...

wow! Is that Annie's snake, or is it

patrice said...

Yes that's Annie's snake Cutie. I haven't posted about her in a while. Maybe this time last year? She is a Corn snake, which is in the King snake family and she is a perfect kids snake. Calm, pretty, and they breed well in captivity, which we plan to do with another homeschoolers snake in the Spring.

Cher Mere said...

I used to have a corn snake when I was a kid. They are nice pets. Annie is such a cool kid! I wish we could meet someday.

Project Pink Suitcase said...

Wow, Annie is brave.
I like snakes, but I prefer to see them from afar.
Cutie looks like a cool snake though.
I love Cutie's colors.

Sumita said...

Hi Patrice!
I've just learned how to subscribe to a blog and am catching up on yours. i have a hard time remembering to read blogs but perhaps this will help.
Congrats on purchasing a home! Too bad it was such a cr*p experience.
Things here continue... treatment continues but chemo is almost over. I'm in the middle of one treament and one more to follow. Then a short break, then radiation which I think will feel like a piece of cake in comparison.
Much love to everyone in your family!

patrice said...

Hello Sumita and so great to hear from you. I tried to email you a while back and it came back to me. I wonder if you are still taking lots of pictures of the girls? Do you have a flicker account? I'd love to see them and hear more about your life. You can email me at

8)(8 said...

Wow. THat is cool. Did Annie take the photos herself with the computer?

patrice said...

Hi there Mariposa,
I took the pics because the snake, and Annie, looked so beautiful on the rocker with the sun hitting them.

patrice said...

Cher Mere,
I hope you come visit us whenever you are in the Bay Area!! We would love it.

Ulla said...

LOL, I LOVE that top photo! ACK!

Forte said...

The corn snake is sooooo cool!!! Grace is begging us to get a snake. I'm not sure with a Toy dog and a cat around if that is a great idea. Not sure who would win! ;)
Interesting pictures!!