Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Love Fussy!

When we left Santa Cruz to move to Alameda fourteen months ago, we placed our wonderful hens with our dear friends Alison and Olivia. It was hard! We knew Alison and Olivia would love them and care for them so that helped our decision a lot! I told Annie that someday, when we settled in Alameda, we would get hens again. And now we have! There was a man in Fremont looking to thin out his flock and he gave us three little Bantams hens. I think they might be Aracuna Bantams. I will look it up and try to identify them. Annie has named hers Fussy, since Allen said she was the most verbal and "fussy" of the three. Bill named his Yolkie and mine is Nell. Nell is the most calm and is featured in the photos.

We are helping them settle in to their new home with fresh hay, nesting boxes, hen scratch and a big water bowl. So this morning, before Annie could rub the sleep from her eyes, she dashed down to the hen house and scooped up the first hen she could reach. She loves these chickens!


Anonymous said...

I said to Johnny "look annie got chickens, they are going to lay eggs!"
he said "mmmmm, yum!"

Kate in NJ said...

Lovely..we'd love to get some one day

Forte said...

Grace wanted to get chickens when she was younger...yeah...right...That' d go over really well at a campus, right?;) Hee hee.

8)(8 said...

I love the middle photo of Annie.