Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Holiday WIP

Thank you so much for the warm and encouraging comments you've been leaving lately about the things I've been making and sharing here! I love to hand-make things for people in my life, and I feel energized and enthusiastic knowing you enjoy seeing them! All my life, especially growing up, LaLa Pat, my Aunt, has made beautiful clothes, toys, jewelry and functional art for me, showing me that anything can be made if you just set your mind to it. My Mom and Dad also made me gifts and those are the ones I remember and cherish the most. I in turn, have made gifts most of my life, and really, buying a gift almost always pales in comparesant to making one.

I believe I have already stated my 2008 holiday mantra here, but for those who missed it, it is officially my Use-What-You-Have-Christmas. My plan, and I've stuck to it so far, is to use only what I already have to make holiday gifts with this year. I'm doing this for two reasons; One, I really could create for an entire year with what I already have in my studio closet, in the sewing room and treasured materials I've tucked away here and there. And two, we just bought a this house and we're flat broke. And I guess there's a third. I hate plastic and junk and I don't think kids or grown-up's need it. And O.K., four. Billys folks love to buy Annie a ton of stuff for her at Christmas and it leaves me off the hook. O.K. I'll stop now, I promise.

So far I've made Annie a few things, with a a set of 18"x18" pillow shams still in the works. Pictured here you will see 10 Owl Ornaments, 8 Fox Ornaments, 8 Teacup Ornaments (with hot chocolate and whipped cream inspired by Posy Gets Cozy), 10 Watercolor Bookmarks, 6 Neck "Cozies" and two sets of Cloth Napkins featuring embroidered leaves, berries and acorns. Not pictured is the huge tureen of home distilled Vanilla Extract that we won't harvest until mid-December.


Anonymous said...

You could start a store with the creations that you have assembled! They are lovely and enticing. Keep up the creativity, it will be treasured by the recipients!!!!

Cher Mere said...

Man! I am really impressed!

And I love all your reasons. I think like that too.

did you just make up the designs for the ornaments? They are so sweet. I love the napkins too.

Annie is lucky to be part of this tradition.

beadbabe49 said...

lovely ideas for christmas presents...and what a wonderful tradition to introduce to annie!

Anonymous said...

this is so lovely, you are an inspiration!
J & J in A :)

Gwenivere said...

What a wonderful idea for christmas. Everything is beautiful (as always!:) But most of all I just love the belief behind it.

Project Pink Suitcase said...

I love homemade stuff!!!
You are so good at it.
They look fun to make and fun to give.

Kate in NJ said...

How lovely..I wish I was as creative as you.