Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obama Doodle

I read tonight that the Obama's are looking into hypoallergenic breeds, including Doodles (which aren't really a breed I guess. A hybrid maybe?) to join them in the White House! How exciting! I guess his youngest Sasha is allergic to fur. A GoldenDoodle is said to be the breed of choice for Malia Obama, and most Doodles have non-shedding hair not fur. President elect Barack Obama was quoted as saying he wanted to get a dog from a shelter. Either way, both directions make a perfect metaphor for this new first family. Blending beautiful (although over bred) breeds to make a superior new one, and finding a dog that needs a home and giving it one.

I already know the joys of the Doodle and a rescue. Jasper is an Aussie Doodle. He was between 3-6 months when we got him through a rescue in Sacramento and I've been in love with him from the moment I saw his picture on-line.
I've narrowed the breeders down, using the Internet, that might have bred Jasper, and they had posted pictures of a litter of puppies, and I can't help but wondering if he was from them. The markings are almost exact.


Anonymous said...

He is a prize. And good with children. Most of all, he loves his constituency....the world. He is a show stopper.

8)(8 said...

He really is cute.

Kate in NJ said...

How sweet!P can't wait to see what they choose...she is very excited for his Presidency to begin.