Friday, February 6, 2009

New Kid on the Block or Get a Grip

I encourage you to make your way over to LaLa in LA. My one and only dearest LaLa has started her own blog, chronicling life in the city of angles, the wild antics of two new kitties and her distinctive hand-made purses. LaLa (Patrice is her real name, my namesake, and she goes by Pat) has always awed me as a designer. Her craftmanship is top notch and innovative, her knowledge of the dressmaking and jewelry trades gives all of her work texture and polish, and her joy in every challenge/project is evident. The last time I visited I got to pour over some of her more recent bags that she's done as R&D and for commisions, and they are breathtaking! The silk pockets, the closures, and just the way the bags sit on your hip make them real works of art. She's just starting out and her SiteMeter isn't working yet so kindly leave a comment so she knows you've visited!


Pat said...

You have always been my darling!

Kate in NJ said...

I can't wait to visit!