Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Self Tagged Post

Since I have not one idea for a post recently, I decided to call myself tagged based on Laura's most recent post. The idea is to use the fourth photo out of the fourth photo folder on your hard drive, then post it and eight random things about yourself. So the photo above was taken out of my "idea" photo folder. I can't remember who posted it but isn't is a great felting idea?

1.) I'm not that random. I like to plan things out.
2.) When trying to make a decision I will often employ the "eeny meany polka beanie, you, are it" method.
3.) I keep a pair of Annie's panties in the glove box of my car because she forgets to wear them so frequently. I'm tired of doing a pantie check before leaving the house. Besides, she'll say yes even when she's not wearing them.
4.) I'm very uncomfortable putting a hat on a bed. I know it's a superstition, which I normally don't subscribe to, and yet it's one that feels icky to me if I do it.
5.) I hate the style of grooming where a dog has had it's coat cut short, but the tail and the ears are left long. They look shameful and trashy to me.
6.) It's almost impossible for me to start a project without finishing the last.
7.) It's also almost impossible for me to start a new project without being on top of my household chores. It's limiting. I know.
8.) I don't like raisins in savory dishes.

Like Laura, I don't tag, so please play along if you would enjoy!


Kate in NJ said...

LOL, I'm with Annie..HATE
wearing them! ;-)

Cher Mere said...

That is interesting I love revealing posts like this. :) I love hedgehogs!

8)(8 said...

I think it is admirable that you prefer to finish a project before starting a new one, this coming from someone with many unfinished projects.

That's hilarious, that she forgets. I carry an extra pair for Ami as well.

I don't know if I have ever seen that dog cut so now I will be watching out for it.

I had not heard of the hat superstition.

patrice said...

Hi Mariposa, Cher Mere and Kate! Thanks for the comments. Didn't know we had so many anti-pantie girls in our neighborhood. Tee hee! And Mariposa laying a hat on the bed is supposed to bring bad luck.