Monday, February 9, 2009

Nuts About Miniatures

I love miniatures. I'm drawn to anything that has an unusual scale. Evidence here. I also love working with nuts, twigs and leaves. Annie and I have an ongoing Fairy Village that we are always working on and collecting for. So when I saw this recent post of Ulla's my heart skipped a beat. Not only are they miniature, they are made from acorns, sticks and twigs!
Now Annie and I want to try our own kitchen goods display!

Ulla credits this find to the Japanese Nut Craft Shop and to Haute Nature: D.I.Y. Projects. You may want to brew yourself a cup of tea and explore this
treasure trove. I bookmarked it so I can return to it.


Kate in NJ said...

Gorgeous! I missed those older posts about your dollhouse.
Truly lovely! When I was a kid I "lived" at our local library,
where they had an awesome doll house collection. I could sit in front of them for hours pretending I lived there. ;-)

Project Pink Suitcase said...

I always love the miniatures you find and create! I really love these miniatures since they are made out of twigs and acorns.