Friday, May 18, 2007

Little Reader

Annie's been lingering in bed in the mornings and reading! She gets so quiet and intent in there that I had to stop and snap some photos of her. She's also been trying to read signs in stores, and asking me to tell her what things on trucks and buildings say. I see that she herself is becoming a reader, just like Bill and I! I can hear her pronouncing things and phonetically spelling them out loud, plus I find a zillion shards of paper around the house with her cryptic words all over them.


Mariposa said...

Great Photo!

That is wonderful! It is such an exciting event.

Project Pink Suitcase said...

Nice! It sounds like a wonderful
morning for Annie and you. It will be nice when my son gets to that age. Although, I am trying to enjoy the present, which I do. Your photo just seems so nice. It gives me something to look forward to with my son. Keep up the great blog. I look forward to your posts too!