Friday, May 4, 2007

Little Stars

I took Annie and her dear friend Ezra to see a children's theater production of The Jungle Book yesterday. It was Annie's second time to see this wonderful production. They both loved it!! We got to go back stage afterwards since we knew some of the actors. Pretty exciting! Now Annie's singing the songs, reenacting scenes and all the dialog she remembers. How fun! Then on our walk back home she and Ezra picked flowers and played hide-and-seek. I snapped these few pictures. Can you see how excited they were?


Project Pink Suitcase said...

What a great day! Your photos are great as usual!

Marsha said...

Oh, I am so jealous that sounds like so much fun. It brings back memories of when my eldest child was little. Back then we weren't world travelors and were established members of our community and did so many fun things like this. I need to start working harder at becoming an established member of this new community.