Thursday, May 10, 2007

Rose Bud

Little Nina came to play today! We tried a few different hats on her from Annie's box of baby clothes. Here's a few pics. What a little dolly she is. A pure delight. So easy! We went for two walks, hung out in the yard, and Annie made a fort for both of them to play in and Nina seemed to love it. They were in there twenty minutes together! I kept checking on them and Nina seemed relaxed and happy in their fortress of pillows, blankets and toys. Annie loves Nina and cares for her so tenderly, showing no jealousy when I hold her, feed her and coo to her. So different from a few years ago when I couldn't even look at another child!
Look at the little lovebirds below...

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Marsha said...

Oh I am so jealous. I love sweet little babies. I also enjoyed watching the machine is us/ing us video.