Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Dragonfly Lake

I'm thick in the middle of moving mania. Really, I shouldn't say mania because it's going remarkable well. The packing planning, and preparations to close up this household and to begin a fresh new home are happening smoothly, without any major upsets. I've logged a lot of phone time, spent a lot of money, and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. I'm guessing I will not be doing much posting from here on out unless I get inspired. I'm pretty tired, and have so much more to do with only two weeks left!
These photos are from a day we spent in Calistoga at a lake. There were so many dragonflies buzzing about as we enjoyed a watercolor outing. Wonderful bits of flying color were speeding through the air and they kept catching our eyes and amazing us! I was able to capture a few on camera despite their quick landings and take-offs.


Mariposa said...

I love dragonflies; these are magical, gorgeous photos! I noticed that the last one, has a V shape behind the children. The V form is often seen in Georgia O'Keefe's paintings. I think that particular photo has a spiritual communion to it: the children in the center with the water filling a vessel, behind. It is stunning.

Project Pink Suitcase said...

Very cool!
Good luck with the move. It sounds exciting. I'm sure it is as well as exhausting.
I saw the same type of red dragon fly at the LA Zoo last weekend. I got a photo of it too. Mine was not at zoomed in as yours, but I got it. The red is stunning against the green.
As always I enjoy seeing your photos.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mariposa, to me it looks like the children are being born from the insides of earth. How very beautiful the lighting is and how gentle it falls on the children. It is the first intake of breath that a baby takes.

capello said...

your pictures are AMAZING, and perfect timing for me as i was going to look for dragonfly pictures this morning.