Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Poor Jasper or I Hate Fireworks Too

The fireworks have been plaguing Jasper for weeks now, and as we get closer to the big day, he's coming undone. He can't settle, he's panting, he's driving us crazy. A trainer said not to try and comfort him or give him attention when he's in this state, as it can reinforce it. Just be a firm leader, and give instructions like "down" and "stay." Do-able requests so that he's got to come out of the state of panic, and into one of "follow the leader."

It isn't working.

I gave him a whole Valium today and he seemed quite contented and smiley. Until it wore off. I'm going to dose him as I leave tomorrow and ask our house sitter to dose him again five or six hours later to keep him comfortable.


Marsha said...

Poor guy, I wonder if my dog will be upset, this will be her first 4th in the States. I guess if she can handle all the thunder and lightning we have here she should be able to handle the fireworks? We shall see. Poor Jasper

capello said...

hey, since you're passing them out, i could use a few too.

my cats would be the same way. i learned to lock them in the basement with the monks chanting and it helped a lot.

Mariposa said...

Wow, poor dog.