Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Thank you everyone for the birthday love! I really think this was the best birthday ever. In fact, I'm still enjoying my birthday and it's the 8th! I just returned home from 3.25 days away, by myself, visiting LaLa and really relaxing. Ahhhh. Thank you anyone who reached out and connected. Wow! I was very moved by each email, call, comment, gift or card! I feel celebrated and cared about!

So much has been going on around here and I haven't been choosing to blog about any of it. I guess my need for being present in the moment and pacing myself override my need for blogging. It's hard because blogging can really meet my needs for creative expression, self reflection and connection with others. So at times I'm torn! And then I choose the path that supports me most. I'll will mention a few things I hope to blog about and/or photograph soon.

We've got babies in the aviary. Both Livian and Snow Flower have healthy little chicks and it is such a treat to watch them mother them! Bill, Annie and I all sat mesmerized yesterday watching the birds eat, bathe, feed their young, build nests, and flirt. What's TV got that's better than that? Also I'm going out of town again. This time to get my broken tooth, (or cracked tooth) fixed and a major car thing repaired. Plus I got some fabulous fabrics while I was in LA and can't wait to get started on them. I've got fabric for a purse (!) and some nighties for Annie, plus a dress and coat for myself. Hopefully I'll be in a thoughtful and calm enough pace to blog along with my progress.

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Anonymous said...

I sure know that the web of life is sometimes Very binding and it takes extraordinary strength to pull free. Enjoy your life, all else will wait!