Monday, April 14, 2008

Kitchen Curtain Kimono Coat

I got two curtain panels a while ago at the good ol' Goodwill and I finally made them into something. I saw a shirt/coat thing over at Lilys House and I used it as inspiration for mine. I kept the hem of the curtains as the hem of my coat, and I made my own bias tape to finish off the openings and the kimono-style underarm vents, whatever they are called. I did this all as I watched the special on Ansel Adams last night on PBS, which was very inspiring. Ansel Adams was a driven and interesting child growing up in San Francisco, whose father allowed him to not attend school, and follow his own path of education. He had a ton of energy, even as a child, and throughout his life, created with such focus and drive, until he couldn't work anymore. Then he championed passionately and successfully for environment until he died. Wow! It made me want to do something big! Oh well, my little coat project will have to do for now. I wore it today over my overalls, to the East Bay Vivarium where we are doing research on corn snake breeding with a fellow homeschooler. Annie wore her new mola shirt that I made her from a San Blas Island Mola that LaLa passed down to us after many years of love and wear. Looks like Jasper is interested in the kitty motif too!


Anonymous said...

The green shirt is the perfect contrast to the mola. Good for you. You little creative genius.

Green Kitchen said...

I love the sewing you've been doing. I'd love to talk about how you make up your patterns sometime. Maybe we'll get to come up soon.