Friday, April 25, 2008

My Companion in Bliss

I'm haven't much to say these days... except

... I'm so in love with a girl named Annie!

Turns out she loves tiny colorful birds as much as I do!

Ahhh! We've spent countless hours in the last few weeks camped out in the yard enjoying Spring in the aviary. It's been bright, sometimes a little chilly, or like today, warm and perfect. While I sit just outside the aviary enjoying the activity within, Annie is choosing to wear a bandanna (to keep bird poops out of her hair), she turns over a bucket to use as a seat, and is enjoying a more "hands on" approach. She wraps the little chicks up in her sweater, talks to them, trains them to sit on her finger, and is naming each one. (Martha is the white one with the gray tuft on her head, and Butterscotch is yellow, napping in the sun on her shoulder. Both are Snow Flower's babies.) She can go for hours on end, and then I have to pry her away so I can tend to our lives.

There are so many layers of pleasure about this whole experience. First there is the bliss I feel watching Annie. Period. I'm so in love with her!
I'm so completely over-the-moon, head-over-heel, crazy about her! Just taking this time to really sit and watch her doing something she loves is quite enough by itself. But to share my passion for these colorful birds with her? Pure bliss!


Anonymous said...

I sit here with a smile on my face, just looking at the happiness on Annie's face.
I think that Martha is a keeper!

patrice said...

Yes, Martha's a keeper! Annie says we can't get rid of Martha, Butterscotch, Baby Hans, Patches, Carmen, Finny and Edison. That's all the fledged birds so far! I'm a little worried we will have a fight letting any of them go. We have three in the nest ready to launch, and thirteen more eggs about to hatch.

Cher Mere said...

I love this post! Annie really seems like a cool and special girl.

Project Pink Suitcase said...

I love how you love Annie. It is like how I love my little guy.
Plus, your birds are a delight.
They would make a great painting. Birds are special to me too. I'm in my "forest friend" mode right now in this new series of work.
So far I have a "birds on a wire" painting. 12 x 12" for starters.

Kate in NJ said...

Beautiful, thanks for sharing a bit of your lovely and obviously
love filled days with us.

Mariposa said...


Anonymous said...

I can not believe how big my little sister is getting. I am sad I am so far away now. but i am happy that i can come to your website and see how she is growing up so great. she looks like she is so happy there.